I don’t think there’s a better restaurant value anywhere in town. And though I’m not even in San Miguel these days, I was very sad to see it disappear a couple of weeks ago. 

Noren Caceres, chef/owner of one of San Miguel’s most reliable restaurants had, apart from some special dishes during Passover season, closed the big green doors to La Frontera due to the Covid-19 crisis. Of course, I understood why she did it. I probably would have done the same thing. But I couldn’t help still mourning that, at least for a while, there would be no more Wednesday specials. There would be no more filet mignon. There would be no more of what I consider the best food bargain anywhere in San Miguel de Allende.

The pricing at La Frontera had always been exceptional but that Wednesday special outdid them all.

A nice-sized Caesar salad. A fat, bacon-wrapped filet mignon that must have been close to half a pound in size, perfectly cooked on a barbecue. 

Sides of mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. A superb chimichurri sauce. Even a home-baked oatmeal cookie for dessert. All for not much more than I’m paying for just a similar piece of beef in Toronto this week.

So the good news: I was reading social media this morning and I saw a post. Those big green doors on Refugio were opening again for pick-ups and deliveries. And on the list of what’s available was that Wednesday special. That filet mignon.

“I asked my kitchen staff if they wanted to come in to work. Their answers across the board were: ‘of course’! So, I had to think of a way to benefit them, thus the 20% tip on all orders. This seemed to work; so as long as I don’t feel like there’s a severe health risk to myself and staff coming into work to provide pick-ups and deliveries, I figured this would be the way to ride out the wave”, Noren told me. “We will be taking great care in the handling of the food, utilizing gloves, masks and thoroughly disinfecting surfaces, all of which require extra time.”

The cost of the Wednesday steak special is $360 (“They’ve raised my price on the filets”, Noren shared), $60 of which will be going as a gratuity to La Frontera’s staff. Delivery is $50. And yes, for those not quite as carnivorous as I am, the salmon special is also back on Wednesday.

And if you’re searching for a bright little moment during the dark days of this crisis, I’ll share one more thing that Noren Caceres said to me: “I hate to admit it, but working 5 days a week for 6 hours a day is a dream come true after all these years of 12 hour workdays, 6 days a week.”

Orders for all of the items on the new, restricted menu at La Frontera should be made in advance, on Tuesday through Friday, from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm either by telephoning 152 4265 or emailing elburritobistro@gmail.com. And please allow a little extra time for prep, cooking and delivery.

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