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“They have the best arrachera in San Miguel de Allende.”

I didn’t say that. Jack Jacobs did. But Jack has tastebuds I implicitly trust so I knew I had to check the place out. Jack also said, “When it comes to Mexican beef, there’s no better cut than arrachera.” That I already agreed with. As most women will tell you, men... read more

And now for something completely different. Salsabor.

Do you remember the scene in Shirley Valentine when Shirley decides she’s had enough with routine and feeds that night’s steak to the dog. I’ll never forget the line from husband, Joe: “I like chips and egg on a Tuesday. Today is Thursday. Where’s me steak?” Why will... read more

An old dog. A new trick. And fortune cookies.

I love fortune cookies. I always have loved fortune cookies. I always will love fortune cookies. But I never eat them. To me they’re just like delivery trucks. It’s what’s inside that counts. Now I’m not saying that fortune cookies have a bad... read more

How I saved $2609.90 pesos on wine today.

Talk about the kid in the candy store. You should see Don Day in the wine store. Especially when the wine is discounted by 33-1/3%. It was our first full day back in San Miguel de Allende after a couple of months in Toronto. And my first trip to the new La Comer or,... read more

Please, San Miguel. Keep on trucking to Natalia’s.

I was pacing off my lunch last week (supposedly five steps equals one calorie). Walking up Salida a Celaya when, through the gritty dust in my eyes, I saw the sign outside Natalia’s. It was only one of the words that stopped me in my tracks. Pibil. The word for... read more

The very best ice cream in San Miguel de Allende.

In all of the years I’ve been writing Don Day in SMA, I’ve never re-posted a blog. Until today. And not just because I’m feeling lazy (but, yes, that did play a part). I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about ice cream in San Miguel de Allende... read more

Trying to eggsplain why Mexicans are better.

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone It’s not warm when she’s away Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone And she’s always gone too long Anytime she goes away (with credit to the wonderful Bill Withers) For the last few weeks... read more

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