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Are Mexican wines ready to take on the world?

Once upon a time, there was a fledgling wine industry. In an area that had been been dominated by peach and cherry orchards, trees were felled and vines were planted. The grape varietals that were chosen were those that had done well in similar soils, in similar...

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The single best taco in all of San Miguel.

A table of tacos outdid me And put out my amorous fire; For when I got on bended knee, To eat was her sole desire. From La Taquiza by Chava Flores There are two schools of thought about the tacos at Taco Lab Tacolicious. The first school says this isn’t the place to...

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New Vinos+Tapas menu makes a grand entrance.

Vinos+Tapas has one of the most extensive and most interesting menus in San Miguel de Allende. Too extensive some say, especially if you want to make a serious dent into trying some of the most intriguing sounding dishes in town. My usual approach is to hit Chef...

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In a pickle about finding good ones in San Miguel?

Pickles have always been hard to buy in Mexico. Because Mexicans don’t buy pickles, Mexicans make pickles. When I first arrived in San Miguel de Allende, the only place for sour pickles in town was a shop on Ancha de San Antonio whose name I can’t remember (comment...

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There’s another good place for good pie in town.

You may remember them from their days at Flash Fish on Salida a Celaya. Or when they worked at La Noche on Mesones. If you do, then like me, you’ve probably missed them. If you do, then like me, you’re probably happy to know they’re back in business with a charming...

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