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Food with personality. In a venue with more than one.

It’s taken me a long time to write about El Cincuenta y Ocho. It wasn’t that I hadn’t been there. I was there on the day it opened. And a few days after that. And a week or two later. And a couple of times again recently. So what took me so long to... read more

Catching an incurable case of vinophilia.

I love wine tastings. Because instead of having two or three glasses of wine, you have six. And it’s considered educational. Vinophilia is a group of San Miguel quaffers that gathers occasionally to celebrate the joys of the grape. A few weeks ago I was invited... read more

Seven more reasons why I really like El Vergel Bistro.

I’ve written about the new restaurant El Vergel before. And quite recently. But I still had more to say. For the food and the service are continuing to get better. That’s supposed to be what happens when new restaurants have their slow opening, the time... read more

One of San Miguel’s favorite dishes is back on a menu.

Give Walter Lewis credit for the dish being on the menu. That’s him front and left at lunch the week before. Enjoying the pozole at the very charming Mexiquito. Walter was asking me about Hansen’s, the San Miguel restaurant that closed its doors late last... read more

Perhaps the best carnitas in San Miguel. Pass it on.

So there you are. You’ve just done your nine to five…or probably more like eight to six…from Monday to Friday in the auto biz and now you’ve got the weekend for nothing but pleasure. How about a relaxing, romantic weekend in San Miguel de... read more

Pizza with a view. Episode three.

The competition for the restaurant with the best view in San Miguel de Allende seems to crown a new champ every year (the latest one to wear the tiara is Quince). A couple of years ago, two of the major contenders were restaurants that served pizza. Now a third one... read more

Getting aroused by rye. Not in a glass. On a bread board.

With many thanks to photographers Richard Smerdon, Bob Masucci and Jack Jacobs. There are endless types of rye breads. From bland and boring styles that are just a Coppertone tan above Wonder Bread to dense, black styles that require a gym membership to lift off the... read more

Vive la, vive la, vive la France. Vive El Vergel.

Star light, star bright, The first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight. It was when I saw the chairs that I thought my wish may have finally come true. They were French cafe chairs. And no one is going to put French cafe... read more

A four course lunch. For less than five bucks. Really.

Now I hate that I buy in pesos but still think in dollars. But I do. So my apologies for talking in dollars when I talk about a bargain. But today, after I had an 85 peso lunch and arrived home, I had to go into Yahoo Finance and check what the tab was in US dollars.... read more

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