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Why don’t ex-pats drink micheladas?

I think I know why. I think it has to do with that can’t teach old dogs new tricks adage. And that’s a barking shame. Because micheladas are one of Mexico’s significant contributions to the world of alcoholic beverages. Almost everyone is guilty or almost guilty of...

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The whole enchilada about…well…you can guess what.

"More than tacos, tamales or mole, enchiladas are the national dish of Mexico. Enchiladas reflect Mexico’s history, agriculture and traditions. Enchiladas are the ultimate campesino dish, gone mainstream, even gourmet.” Chef Sylvia Casares, aka The Enchilada Queen....

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The hunt for the hard shell taco.

I admit it. I am a food snob. A nose in the stratosphere prig when it comes to food. And that sometimes presents problems. Major problems. The first Mexican dish I ever ate was a taco. Well, OK, this taco wasn’t really Mexican. But I thought it was. I was sure it was....

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Borscht. One very good reason to visit Verintort.

“Pokhlebkin and the Soviet Union are dead, yet Borshchland lives on. Recipes, like birds, ignore political boundaries ... The faint outline of the Tsarist-Soviet imperium still glimmers in the collective steam off bowls of beetroot and cabbage in meat stock, and the...

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