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Art on the wall. Art on the plate. Mestizo.

If you asked me which restaurant In San Miguel I think is the most attractive, I’d find it difficult, perhaps impossible, to answer. But if you broadened the geography to Guanajuato, the answer would be easy. My choice would be Mestizo. There is nothing hanging on...

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Nomada. The place to be in San Miguel. On any given Wednesday.

I’m not sure I’ve ever met a chef who didn’t like to strut their stuff once in a while. Maybe even twice or thrice in a while. Because making the same thing every day and every night can be very, very boring. And don’t ever think that restaurants have specials for...

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Birdie’s Burgers. It’s mainly because of the meat.

”It’s mainly because of the meat” was a line used by the Canadian supermarket chain Dominion Stores. It was written by a guy called J. Scott Feggans. I always wished that I had been the one who wrote it. I admit it. I confess. I am a card carrying member of the...

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“Grammie, are we going to Aguamiel this year.”

It took her until her second day here in San Miguel de Allende, but my granddaughter Rayne (and yes, I teasingly call her Lluvia when she’s visiting us in Mexico) finally asked the question. Though Rayne recently traded in her sneakers for stilettos, and gets more of...

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Up in the morning and off to La Pina Azul.

I never did like school. To me, the golden rule was, if their was a golden ball in the sky, find a reason not to go. History and geography and literature were all OK. But my favorite subject was always lunch. Which is why I returned to school a couple of weeks ago at...

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If you knew sushi like Alberto knows sushi.

It started with an ad in San Miguel de Allende’s weekly newspaper Atencion. It was an ad for San Miguel’s Rosewood Hotel. It said sushi was half price on Thursdays. We were heading for Toronto two days later. And I knew a visit to Solo, our favorite Toronto sushi bar,...

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Buen Dia. Cups up. Phones down.

Don Day loves coffee but seldom drinks coffee outside of his own home. So this week, Don Day hands the typewriter over to Pirate John Burger. Pirate John often drinks coffee out. Sometimes Pirate John even runs to where he drinks his coffee out. So who better than...

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