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The best restaurant in San Miguel de Allende.

No, I’m not going to tell you which restaurant it is. You’re going to tell me. For it’s time again for the SMART awards. The annual event where I ask Don Day in SMA readers to tell me your favorite restaurant. SMART stands for San Miguel de Allende Readers Taste and,...

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Holy smoke, this meat is tasty.

“You know if you had really, really been intent on entrapping me on my wedding night, you wicked woman, you would not have dabbed yourself with Joy, but in Essence of Smoked Meat. A maddening aphrodisiac, made from spices available in Schwartz’s...

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“And the award for best Oscars party goes to…”

Movies are one of my favorite things. One of my seven favorite things. Along with food, wine, women, music, food and wine. I like award shows too. I almost always watch the Golden Globes. I never miss the Academy Awards. Because I relish the showbiz, the low cut...

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Vinos+Tapas. A San Miguel restaurant flexes its mussels.

Mussels almost smack dab in the middle of Mexico? Maybe it’s crazy to even think about them. But I do. And often. I’ve always wanted mussels (yes, pun definitely intended, and particularly in the upper arms). I have since I was about 20 (nobody ate mussels before I...

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Time to put a little more spice in your life.

You may know what Candelaria is; you may not. Even though I had a mostly Christian upbringing, I only knew the word Candelaria from an art history class. And it was a painting by Hans Holbein (The Elder, I think). In San Miguel de Allende, the presentation of Christ...

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The Chili Cookoff. Good times never felt so good.

Some things are best said in words. Some things are best said in pictures. Yannis Dettingmeijer’s photography captures the good food, the good booze, the good people, the good times, better than I could ever portray them with nouns, adjectives and verbs. I was...

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“Ow I like dem erstas at Hank’s.”

That was my attempt at what New Orleanians call a “yat” accent. I know. Not very good was it. In her book, New Orleans Cuisine: Fourteen Signature Dishes And Their Histories, Susan Tucker refers to Oysters Rockefeller as “the single greatest contribution of the United...

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