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Shuffling off to ChupAlitas for some very tasty wings.

“Whereas, the success of Mr. Bellissimo’s tasty experiment in 1964 has grown to the point where thousands of pounds of chicken wings are consumed by Buffalonians in restaurants and taverns throughout our city each week, the city of Buffalo officially declares July 29,... read more

And the winner of the Chili Cookoff was…

The chairs were being piled on the tables. The signs were starting to lean as much as those of us who’d sampled and judged all of the margaritas. And I stumbled out thinking the glory days are back. The biggest and best social event in San Miguel de Allende has... read more

To market, to market. To end my craving for crab cakes.

A sausage zealot. That’s what Anthony D’Avanza is. Anytime I run into him, all he wants to talk about is sausages. This guy is absolutely fanatical about sausages. This guy lives and breathes sausages. This guy will bend your ear until it’s ringing... read more

Bound for Berlin. In search of one more special dish.

Berlin is one of my favorite bars in San Miguel. Well actually one of my favorite bars anywhere. Especially when I want a warm and cozy place to fondle a glass of red or three on a chilly Winter’s night. But I don’t go there very often. And, when I do, I... read more

Better buy Beano. Chili Cook-Off is back.

It may have been the biggest social event in San Miguel history. Definitely the biggest I’ve ever been to. It began the first or second year I started spending my winters in San Miguel. And it just kept getting bigger. I couldn’t get an official number as... read more

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