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Up in the morning and off to La Pina Azul.

I never did like school. To me, the golden rule was, if their was a golden ball in the sky, find a reason not to go. History and geography and literature were all OK. But my favorite subject was always lunch. Which is why I returned to school a couple of weeks ago at...

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If you knew sushi like Alberto knows sushi.

It started with an ad in San Miguel de Allende’s weekly newspaper Atencion. It was an ad for San Miguel’s Rosewood Hotel. It said sushi was half price on Thursdays. We were heading for Toronto two days later. And I knew a visit to Solo, our favorite Toronto sushi bar,...

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Buen Dia. Cups up. Phones down.

Don Day loves coffee but seldom drinks coffee outside of his own home. So this week, Don Day hands the typewriter over to Pirate John Burger. Pirate John often drinks coffee out. Sometimes Pirate John even runs to where he drinks his coffee out. So who better than...

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Break a leg, Microteatro San Miguel de Allende.

I don’t know where the expression came from. I don’t think anybody does. But I do know the strange showbiz wish for good luck certainly applies to one of San Miguel’s fledgling new businesses. This new endeavor also solves one of life’s…well at least my life’s…biggest...

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“They have the best arrachera in San Miguel de Allende.”

I didn’t say that. Jack Jacobs did. But Jack has tastebuds I implicitly trust so I knew I had to check the place out. Jack also said, “When it comes to Mexican beef, there’s no better cut than arrachera.” That I already agreed with. As most women will tell you, men...

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And now for something completely different. Salsabor.

Do you remember the scene in Shirley Valentine when Shirley decides she’s had enough with routine and feeds that night’s steak to the dog. I’ll never forget the line from husband, Joe: “I like chips and egg on a Tuesday. Today is Thursday. Where’s me steak?” Why will...

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An old dog. A new trick. And fortune cookies.

I love fortune cookies. I always have loved fortune cookies. I always will love fortune cookies. But I never eat them. To me they’re just like delivery trucks. It’s what’s inside that counts. Now I’m not saying that fortune cookies have a bad...

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