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Give us this day, our daily tortilla.

You always know when you’re nearing a Mexican village anytime during the morning; there is that unmistakable smell of wood smoke intermingled with that of tortillas cooking on the comal, and the rhythmic patting of the hands as the masa is fashioned into... read more

Any Port In A Storm – Ramos Pinto In San Miguel.

I’d had a thirst for Ramos Pinto Porto ever since I was about fourteen. A taste for Port at the age of fourteen you’re probably saying? As Desi said to Lucy, “I think you have some explainin’ to do.” No my palate for fortified wine... read more

Where to get stoned in San Miguel de Allende.

No one ever forgets their first time. Do they? Mine was at The Ebony Knight coffee house in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. A place where I used to go to be infatuated by this bucktoothed blonde with flared nostrils and Everest height cheekbones called Joni Anderson.... read more

Zumo. Ready to zoom on to San Miguel’s restaurant scene.

I’m sure you know the old cliche. About the three most important factors when choosing real estate. So, if I was choosing a location, location, location for a new restaurant in San Miguel de Allende, about the last place I’d consider would be the outer... read more

An opportunity to take a private chef for a test drive.

Now I’m not a big fan of Facebook. But it does have its advantages. Like finding out what certain people are doing without having to do it with them. Or finding out which of the high school hotties are still sizzling. Or finding out which of the perfect couples... read more

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