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In search of good California reds. In Mexico.

I drink a lot of wine, an awful lot of wine, about three large glasses almost every day (and note that, after all those medical appointments, I don’t reveal exactly how large those glasses are). So I need some self-control on how much I spend. I need some rules and...

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Nicasio. Common things, done uncommonly well.

Entrepreneur. I think I wanted to be one from the very time I learned what the word meant. I remember the day I walked into The Ad Club. Someone came over to the bar and said, “Hear you left McLaren. Who picked you up?” “No one,” I said. “I went out on my own. Opened...

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Where there’s smoke, there’s Keith.

The plan was to hit Hacienda de Maria for enchiladas but it was Thursday and the word was out that Maria's is best savored on Saturday or Sunday when she’s showing off her buffet. So a change of plan. I suggested we head a little further down the road towards Dolores...

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Why don’t ex-pats drink micheladas?

I think I know why. I think it has to do with that can’t teach old dogs new tricks adage. And that’s a barking shame. Because micheladas are one of Mexico’s significant contributions to the world of alcoholic beverages. Almost everyone is guilty or almost guilty of...

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The whole enchilada about…well…you can guess what.

"More than tacos, tamales or mole, enchiladas are the national dish of Mexico. Enchiladas reflect Mexico’s history, agriculture and traditions. Enchiladas are the ultimate campesino dish, gone mainstream, even gourmet.” Chef Sylvia Casares, aka The Enchilada Queen....

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