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Cazón. Worth the seven blocks just to try it.

OK, Grille Torres is a little out of the way. But only a little. In fact, it’s only seven blocks from the jardin. I counted last week when I went for the cazón. I like Grille Torres. A lot. And it’s not exactly a foodie restaurant. Reasonably common dishes actually....

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Oh where, oh where, can my ramen man be?

It was October 10 when I got the first email. October 11 when I got the second. There had been a sighting in San Miguel de Allende. On the top floor of Mercado Sano. And then a second sighting. And there I was in San Sebastian, Spain. It would be almost three weeks...

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C’est ici! San Miguel now has its own French crêperie.

I used to love crêpes. I use to love crêperies. Everybody did in the seventies. We went to crêperies on dates. Crêperies had checkered tablecloths. Crêperies had candles in wine bottles. And most importantly, in those days, creperies had low prices. Two could go to a...

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You’re invited to a very special wine-pairing dinner.

Masi Agricola produces not just some of the best Venetian wines, they produce some of the best wines in all of Italy. Their celebrated Amarones traditionally score in the nineties when judged by the critics. I was recently offered the opportunity to purchase cases of...

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Third time right for Hernandez Macias #48.

It had always been one of San Miguel’s best-looking restaurants. Right from the day a few years ago that an Argentinean couple converted it from a residence and moved their restaurant La Virundela there. But they couldn’t make a go of it. And neither could Laila Murra...

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A very interesting dinner for a very worthy cause.

“Waste not. Want not.” I heard those words at the dinner table at least twice a week from my mother when I was a young kid. But I don’t think I understood them. I know they never had much affect on me. Nor did the stories of rationing during the war or the starving...

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