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Mycological moments. In San Miguel de Allende.

Why is it that something you disliked so much as a kid, you can like so much as an adult? They say it’s because some things are an acquired taste. But then why did it take me about 15 years to like mushrooms and only 15 minutes to like beer, another supposed... read more

Hernan Cortes ate here. So did I.

I loved Sundays when I was a kid. Because Sunday was the day the family would go for a Sunday drive and a Sunday drive always involved food. I still remember my father’s black 1949 Oldsmobile 88. I still remember him telling my Uncle Calvin it had a rear end as... read more

Getting my hooks into some tasty tunas.

Honey, do you know where my tackle box is? I thought I’d hook a couple of tunas for dinner.” Yes, I admit it. The first time I saw tunas on a Mexican menu, I thought I’d find something fishy in my salad, not the fruit that is so important to Mexico... read more

Zumo. Now San Miguel’s top rated restaurant.

If you want to be thought of as an exceptional restaurant, these days, you’ve got to have it. Because that’s apparently what people want when they finally bag a table at an exceptional restaurant. I’m talking about the tasting menu, the prix fixe... read more

The best Italian sausage in San Miguel de Allende.

I hadn’t seen Bob Masucci in at least a year. Philadelphia Bob is what we used to call him. Good poker players always have nicknames. A few years ago we used to mix it up on Mondays at a dealer’s choice game at the gone but not forgotten Manolo’s on... read more

Ole! Ole! Ole! For this San Miguel mole.

I think moles are Mexico’s greatest contribution to the world of cuisine. And I think, if Mexico decides to declare a national dish, it should be the magnificent mole poblano. Mexican moles deserve to be ranked with the world’s most celebrated sauces. The... read more

There have been some significant sightings in San Miguel.

Significant if the stars you seek are the shining stars of the Galaxy Oenologia Major. I’m talking about some of the winners of the World Wine Awards that I wrote about last week. And this news coming after I learned that they are now all sold out at La Europea.... read more

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