One of my favorite chefs in San Miguel is Denver Reyes. No, let me change that. One of my favorite human beings in San Miguel is Denver Reyes.

Now Denver is not a lot like other San Miguel chefs. If I’m hanging out with other San Miguel chefs, we’re usually climbing on to bar stools. If I’m hanging with Denver, we’re usually climbing the Sierras, with a burro or two in tow.

Denver Reyes is the classic example of a “nice guy”. In the ten plus years I’ve known him, I can’t remember one single occasion when he ever annoyed, upset or disappointed me.

Denver is the chef/owner of Denver’s Los Olivos in San Miguel de Allende. Denver was born and raised in San Miguel de Allende. But Los Olivos is not a Mexican restaurant. Thanks to some priceless experience working for one of the world’s most successful restauranteurs, north of the border, Denver’s is one of those classic Italian/American restaurants serving classic Italian/American food at very affordable prices.

During the Covid-19 crisis, Denver’s is still very much in business. I’m well aware of that, even though I’m 2,000 miles away. Because Denver has a partner who makes sure I know. For as good as Denver is at getting food onto tables, she is just as good at getting people’s rears onto chairs. So, even though it’s now more about getting delivery people’s rears onto a car seat, about once a week, over the last month, Denver’s partner has sent emails to me. Keeping me informed about Los Olivos. Telling me about new specials. Sending me a link to the menu. Informing me that they’re now offering frozen versions of some of the best of Denver’s cooking. And if I don’t see the news in my in-box, I see it on social media. If Denver Reyes is the heart of Los Olivos, his partner is the soul.

Most of the recent communications I’ve received from restauranteurs have been about desperation. The missives from Los Olivos have been more about aspiration. Maybe it’s because I’m an old ad man, but I like that attitude. I think that’s the kind of activity that should be rewarded.

If I hadn’t already returned to Canada, I would be ordering from Denver’s Los Olivos today. I would be ordering the spaghetti with garlic shrimp for myself. I would be ordering the fusilli with bolognese sauce and Italian sausage for Don Day’s Wife. I can predict that Denver would say, “But you know that means there’ll be two meats in Sharon’s pasta”. And I would say, “Yes I find it best to always give her what she wants.”

I can safely predict that the portions would be large and the price would be small. $210 for my pasta, $170 for Don Day’s Wife’s, $30 for delivery and a $40 peso tip. That’s less than half of what I’d pay for the same thing delivered in Toronto. I do so miss San Miguel prices.

If you would like to know more about Denver’s Los Olivos, you can read about it here:

If you would like to check out their menu, you’ll find it at

If you would like to order delivery or pick-up, telephone 415 150 0239 or 415 167 3861 between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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