Now I’m not a big fan of Facebook. But it does have its advantages. Like finding out what certain people are doing without having to do it with them. Or finding out which of the high school hotties are still sizzling. Or finding out which of the perfect couples are now imperfect singles. Or finding out who’s hosting a wine pairing dinner next week.

Well it isn’t usually me who discovers these fine food events. You see, Don Day’s Wife is a bit of a social networking junkie. And spends almost as much time on Facebook hitting LIKE as I spend at poker tables trying to hit inside straights.

This week, just after I’d posted a blog about the benefits of hiring a private chef for a dinner party, she told me that, according to his Facebook page, private chef Julian Garcia was teaming up with Allen Williams, chef/owner of Food Factory, to host a very special dinner.

“I’ll have to check that out”, I said.

“No you won’t”, said Don Day’s Wife. “You’ll have absolutely no idea how. Why don’t I just airdrop it to you?”

Having only heard of the term airdrop when Junkers and Messerschmidts flew over London in 1944, I gave her my very frequently heard, “Thank you, Honey” and a few seconds later I was being asked to accept an airdropped visual that left me in wonderment again of how tolerant technophiles can be of technofailures.


The announcement said seven courses with seven wines for 750 pesos. I said that’s less than half of what we pay in Toronto for events that aren’t half as good.

Chef Julian and Chef Allen are a little secretive about what they’ll be serving (or, if they’re like most chefs, they haven’t got it nailed down yet and probably won’t until that afternoon…it’s because we’re “market driven” is the delightful excuse that most chefs use) but Julian Garcia told me “of course” there’ll be a ceviche. He also told me a shrimp pozole will be on the menu, which is an excellent opportunity to taste a seldom seen variation of what should be Mexico’s national dish.

I couldn’t find out much more from Julian about what the dishes were being paired with except that “there are six French wines plus a Port for dessert”. French? Not the usual Chilean or Argentinean? And I’m here in Canada for the next two months!

The Cena Maridaje at Food Factory is an excellent chance to get a better idea of whether you’d want to hire Julian Garcia for a dinner party in your home. Or simply an excellent chance to taste the specialties of two of San Miguel’s best chefs.

It’s in the category that Don Day’s Wife calls a splurge. But if we were in San Miguel I’ll bet we’d be there. And I’ll bet Don Day’s Wife would be hitting another LIKE on Facebook.

The pairing dinner will be held at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, July 22 at Food Factory at Fabrica de la Aurora in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. You can purchase tickets by calling the restaurant at 152 3982.

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