Forgive me father for I have sinned. Since my last confession I have committed gluttony on at least seven occasions. You see, in San Miguel de Allende, there are so many good restaurants with so many great desserts to lead me astray from the paths of righteousness.

It always happens the same way. We finish our entrees and Don Day’s Wife says to me, “Shall we get the cheque?” and I always reply, “Let’s just look at the dessert menu. Strictly for research. For the blog.” Remember, father, you told me that, unlike that other sin, it was OK to look.

The next thing I know I have fallen hard from grace again. Don Day’s Wife is rolling her eyes, tilting her head and sighing and the waiter is placing an enormous plate in front of me.

You say you need the exact details of each of the sins and the exact location of where they were committed? Why yes, father, I’ll gladly share them with you.

1. The frozen lime tart at Lavanda


“Lavender blue, dilly, dilly. Lavender green.” Don Day always thought the “lavender green” part of the lyrics were dumber than tripping over a cordless phone until I tasted Lavanda‘s lime tart. There are almost as many lime postres as flans in San Miguel de Allende. This is the sublime lime tart. And even better when it’s frozen.

2. The chocolate truffle cake at Hansen’s


Don Day suffers from OCD, an incurable disease that is only heightened when he is in San Miguel de Allende. OCD is Obsessive Chocolate Disorder and it is most infectious when Don Day is on Calzada de Aurora and passes Hansen’s. It is there that the very thought of the restaurant’s chocolate cake, a dessert that more appropriately should be called a divinely decadent chocolate bar can bring on cold sweats.

3. The pumpkin creme brulee at Patio 3.


Now everyone who’s read “Cinderella” knows how to transform a pumpkin into a stagecoach but to transform it into a great creme brule that’s only something chef Alejandra Ventura and her team at Patio 3 can do. And ooooohhhhhh that spun sugar!

4. The burnt caramel ice cream sundae with marshmallow sauce and salted peanuts at The Restaurant.


Yes, you may have to suffer through some second rate service but Don Day thinks it’s still worth a visit to The Restaurant for such imaginative and well-executed food, including the very best ice cream dish in town.

5. The carrot cake at Victoria’s.


La Palapa used to wear the crown as king of the carrot cake in San Miguel. It has now been passed to Victoria’s. This moist, creamy and not too sweet masterpiece would win the approval of that conejo connaisseur, Senor Bugs Bunny. And Porky Pig? He’d be disappointed with only one piece and would simply say, “Is that all folks?”

6. The lemon cheesecake at Mi Vida.

mivida dessert

Feeling anxious? Don Day has something better than prozac. It’s no coincidence that stressed spelled backwards is desserts. And sometimes you need an extra large dosage. Don Day recommends the lemon cheesecake at Mi Vida with so many pleasures on a single plate.

7. The peanut butter pie at Hecho en Mexico.

hecho en mexico peanut pie

Found a peanut. Found a peanut. Found a peanut one night. One night I found perhaps the best treatment of a peanut ever. Poy de cacahuates topped with chocolate syrup at Hecho en Mexico.

And one more recommendation. If you’ve reached an overripe old age like Don Day, eat dessert first. For life is so uncertain.

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