When fellow foodie “Pirate John” Burger suggested the timing was very right for a blog post on restaurants with good takeout dishes, I obviously agreed. When Pirate John volunteered to also write the post, even better. Here are his nine hearty recommendations:


1. La Pozoleria: Pozole, of course.

If you name your restaurant after a dish it better be good. And it is!  Perfectly seasoned verde or rojo broth with hominy and lean chunks of pork. Plus all of the requisite complements, ie radishes, chiles, lettuce, oregano, and sweet onions. Like a great Vietnamese Pho, it must have something to do with cooking in large batches. Dinner for 4, a liter of Pozole Cerdo only 190 pesos.

Calzada de la Luz 53. 415 150 0068. 

2. Mr. Crunchy Chicken: 1-1/2 pollos (12 pieces) on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Are you chagrined that we don’t have a Chick-fil-A or Popeye’s restaurant here so we could join in on the battle for the best fried chicken sandwich? Don’t be. Crunchy Chicken makes the world’s best fried chicken and it comes with delicious coleslaw, rolls, papas, and enough hot sauce for a whole bag of totopos. Download Chick-fil-A’s (https://dinnerthendessert.com/chick-fil-a-sauce/) copycat sauce recipe, whip up a batch, and assemble the world’s best fried chicken sandwich. Sorry USA, we win. Dinner for eight only 220 pesos.

Ancha de San Antonio 47. 415 152 6019.

3. Fat Boy: Chicken liver pâté.

Now I know that Don Day’s Wife makes a killer pâté, but Fat Boy’s ain’t bad, and a whole lot easier to purchase. A large scoop portion comes with a nice selection of toast triangles and cornichons. Dinner for 3 to 4. Finish with some fresh fruit. 89 pesos.

Cinco de Mayo 5. 415 121 5005.

4. Panio: Baguettes. One might not make it home. So buy two.

OK, so you may have to supplement the baguette with some accoutrements. Why not go full-on French with some high octane butter, cheese, and a smidge of Dijon mustard, all from Luna de Queso. If it’s Tuesday, we must be in Paris. 28 pesos, baguette only.

Panio, multiple locations including Salida a Celaya 69. 415 185 8750.

Luna de Queso, multiple locations including Salida a Celaya 79. 415 185 8122.

5. La Frontera. Anything drowned.

Lip-smacking good, ultimate comfort food. As the menu describes it, “a burrito drowned in salsa, melted cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo and cream”. A hungry man’s portion: 120 pesos.

Refugio sur 28. 415 152 4265.

6. Hecho en Mexico: Chicken vegetable soup.

Why wait until dark? A Netflix matinee on a cloudy chilly day is sublime time for hot soup. A starter of freshly made chunky guacamole is recommended. 72 pesos for a large container of caldo de pollo.

Ancha de San Antonio 8. 415 154 6383.

7. Turk: Falafels and hummus.

Authentic, authentic, authentic Turkish food. I know because we had some in Germany. Everything here is fabulous. I would recommend that you order an extra side of Ali’s hummus, it’s that good. 180 pesos for a mixed plate.

Salida a Celaya 16. 415 109 6287.

8. Petite Four: Cream Puffs 

When they have them. 

Mesones 99-1. 415 154 4010.

9. Greece on Wheels: Moussaka

I’ve never cared much for moussaka. Same for lasagna. Usually a mishmash of too many ingredients swimming in oily cheese. But then there is Sylvia’s. No greasy residue here. The lamb and eggplant layer is finely ground with a baked béchamel topping. Presentation and preparation is fitting for a dessert dish. She evens cuts the potatoes on the bottom layer in rectangles, so there are no gaps! Complement with a side of her tzatziki dip. An order of moussaka for two is 145 pesos. Not always available. Special order works best.

Mercado Sano. Ancha de San Antonio 123. 415 111 0649.

And please tip whomever hands you the bag of goodies handsomely.

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