Back in 2016, I had my first exposure to the Feed The Hungry San Miguel organization. It was a very moving experience. I had no comprehension of the enormous contribution this charity makes to our community.

I published an article then that detailed the urgent need of our local children for nutritious lunches, the impact it has on their lives, and the devotion and contribution of so many Mexicans and expats in making it a reality. You can read the blog post here:

A taste of the other side of life in San Miguel de Allende.

Since then, Feed The Hungry has grown. The number of schools they serve has been expanded from 27 to 36 and, in addition to the 36 kitchens, Feed The Hungry provides weekly sustenance to seven local NGOs in town. The number of hot meals served daily has escalated from 4,000 to almost 5,000 and Feed The Hungry is on pace to serve 1 million meals this year.

The donations, however, have not grown at the same pace.

On March 12, Amistad Canada, an umbrella organization that assists in Feed The Hungry’s fundraising efforts and allows donations by Canadians to be tax deductible, will be celebrating ten years of Canadians and Mexicans working together to change lives.

The Feed The Hungry kitchens will be catering the event and you will be able to sample not just how nutritious but how flavorful so many of the dishes they serve are. Discover how good protein-rich chickpeas become in a Mexican garbanzo salad. How good lentils are when a few Indian spices are added. How turmeric lights up white rice. How pasilla chiles go so well with potatoes.

Amistad Canada President Mark O’Neill told me this is a celebration not a fundraising event but Don Day’s Wife and I are taking a cheque (that’s how we spell it in Canada) anyway. All we will be giving up is one fancy dinner out. But that donation will feed two children for an entire school year.

We’re hoping you might do the same.

Calling all Canadians will be held at the Instituto Allende, Ancha de San Antonio 22, in San Miguel de Allende, on March 12, 2020. Included will be food, drinks, live music. This is a ticketed free event. There are still a few tickets available at

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